Emerging Family Law Issues and Trends- B05

Family Law Track
Family Law Section

Session B: 10:50 a.m. – 11:50 p.m.

About the Program
Get updates on local and national family law issues and trends in divorce and family law, including support, parenting, custody, alternative approaches and processes, and proposed legislation. Learn about the possible impact of these trends on Connecticut jurisprudence. The developing issues discussed will include the tension between freedom of religion, parental autonomy, and the best interests of the child; creating a presumption of joint of equal custody; trends regarding the treatment of retirement benefits funded and/or received in lieu of social security; and a review of national trends pertaining to dissolution of long-term marriages, “gray” divorce, and related issues.

In addition, this program will review pending Connecticut House and Senate bills that relate to family law, highlight the trends that this pending legislation seeks to address, and discuss potential effects of this legislation on marital and family law practitioners and the families they serve.

You Will Learn 

  • How the legislative session impacts marital and family law practitioners
  • How courts in Connecticut and other states strike the balance between a parent’s right to freedom of religion with children’s best interests
  • About the establishment of a presumption of joint or equal custody
  • About treatment of social security alternatives benefits in dissolution cases in Connecticut and other jurisdictions


Seth J. Conant, Freed Marcroft LLC, Hartford

Meghan Freed, Freed Marcroft LLC, Hartford


 1.0 CLE Credit (CT: 1.0 General; NY: 1.0 AOP)