Attacking the Liar’s “I Don’t Remember” – D11

LegalTech and Law Practice Management Track
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Session D: 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

About the Program

Whether at trial or in deposition, the “yes/no” question frequently constitutes a Scylla and Charybdis problem for the adverse witness because the “yes” response is a case-harming admission and the “no” response creates a risk of impeachment, maybe a BIG risk of a BIG impeachment. Thus, the willing-to-lie witness attempts to avoid Scylla and Charybdis by claiming, “I don’t remember,“… the all-time, every-case, toughest answer to prove a lie. This seminar teaches how best to attack that claim. 

This seminar is a continuation of C11. It is recommended to attend both seminars.

You Will Learn

    • How to make an adverse deponent pick a chair: “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe”
    • “Rossetta Stone” Qs: dramatically define deponent’s “relationship” to “X”
    • “Rosetta Stone” Qs: dramatically define the “limits” of deponent’s memory regardingX 


Robert Musante, Robert Musante’s CLE Seminars, Walnut Creek, CA 

Robert Musante is the country’s foremost teacher of deposition cross-examination skills. On numerous occasions, he taught trial advocacy – and was a featured speaker – for N.I.T.A. and the Hastings College of Trial Advocacy. For 16 years, he was a lecturer at the University of California at  Berkeley,School of Law. As the creator and presenter of 9 nationally acclaimed seminars, he has taught the logic essential to taking great adverse depositions – of fact witnesses and experts alike – to more than 50,000 litigators in 43 states. He has made in-house presentations to the attorneys-general of 11 states and to the partners and associates of more than 100 litigation law firms. For more info, visit

2.0 CLE Credits (CT: 2.0 General; NY: 2.0 LPM)